Paul Southern

Back in my younger years at the age of just 17, my job was to prepare artwork on behalf of clients in readiness to be handed over to printing companies for final output so, there was no room for error! Every project had to be absolutely ‘spot-on’… a phrase I used so often!

There’s no better feeling than when you sit back and reflect on a piece of work you’ve produced and you can say to yourself… “it’s spot-on is that”… and it’s even more satisfying when your client agrees!

The “it’ll do” or, “it’ll be ok” attitude was never acceptable to me! It had to be ‘spot-on’ every time… nothing less. Which explains the story behind me and the reason why I decided to setup… SPOTON Software Training… the name sums me up perfectly!

I started out as a freelance trainer back in 1989, serving many of the UK’s Apple Centres and IT training providers located throughout the country with my creative courses in PageMaker, CorelDraw then, QuarkXpress, FreeHand and PhotoShop on the Apple Mac.

Having first got to know a little about my students and their reasons for learning the software, I’ll always suggest that my students observe what I’m demonstrating on my screen first, giving them the chance to make their own notes. I always encourage questions. There’s no such thing as a silly question… people say… ‘just a quick question!’ or, ‘if I just wanted to…’

My style…

I don’t read from set scripts or handouts full of exercises as some do. I’ll invest time prior to training, to fully understand a clients’ current knowledge levels and expectations so that each course is bespoke and tailored to the individual or group.

“I was able to ask questions at any point and Paul answered all of them.
I found Paul’s teaching
well paced and very informative.”

Hazel Webster

At the end of each subject, I’ll give everyone the opportunity to apply what they’ve just learned or, I’ll set them a task to complete… giving everyone the chance to prove to themselves that their own notes are making sense and ensuring they gain lasting confidence in using the software.

My teaching methods bring together my past experience in print and publishing with the knowledge I have gained from using the software for so many years. And, with my fun and friendly approach to teaching, it will be SPOTON every time!

What next…

Well, I now have a new way of delivering my courses… ON-Line… and, contrary to my previous beliefs, they don’t necessitate a change in my style of training. Surprisingly, like myself, many have come to realise that this is a fantastic way of learning and that it works perfectly well. I just regret not having been involved with this sooner.

“He’s extremely knowledgeable
and gave me lots of tips.”

Sian Marshall

In addition, I’ve also been very busy creating a fully functional Training Suite here in a stunning barn conversion for those who’d prefer to leave the distractions of their workplace behind, and to concentrate fully on learning new and creative skills in a more relaxed and comfortable rural setting.

Adobe InDesign | PhotoShop | Lightroom | Illustrator

1-2-1 or Private Group Courses from Intro to Advanced.
1hr Bitesized
Half Day • 1 & 2 Day Sessions.
You can’t go wrong… when it’s SPOTON!