1 Hour ‘Bitesized’ Courses

I’ve now developed a number of short, 1 hour ON-Line training sessions covering a wide range of commonly asked questions associated with Adobe InDesign, PhotoShop, Lightroom and Illustrator. Just message me for further details, or to reserve your spot…

Adobe Creative Cloud

What is it?

A look at the differences between InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop… and how to choose the right package and price plan to suit your needs. Includes a demonstration of the key functions of each of the applications, and how they should be used together as a suite of packages.

Adobe InDesign

Paragraph & Character Styles.

Learn how to set ‘house’ styles for text formatting and creating a Default Styles List for all new documents.

Tabs & Tables.

Easily set up Tabulated text with efficiency. Create Tables to include text, images and incorporate ‘live’ data from external sources. 

Columns & Linking.

Using column grids and linking of text frames for striking page layouts. 

Images & Text Wrap.

Fit images into Frames without distorting, resize images the easy way, remove backgrounds, apply Effects and add Text Wrap. 

Colours and Gradients.

Create colours or, sample colours from an image. Create Gradients and learn how to setup a default palette of ‘house’ colours. Learn how to apply colours and Inset Spacing to Text Frames. 

Master Pages & Templates.

Learn all about Master Pages that include repeating items across multiple pages such as… page numbering, logos, text and image frames… and then save the document as a Template for future use. 

Preparing for Print & Digital PDF.

A checklist of all considerations prior to sending for commercial print or converting to PDF that includes checking for Errors, checking Links, Package Command, and exporting pages as PDFs or JPEGs. 

Interactive PDFs.

Learn how to bring PDFs to life with interactive Tables of Contents, Hyperlinks, Buttons, and Rollovers. 

Custom Shapes.

A look at the basic Shape Tools and their options, together with Pathfinder and Bezier Drawing to create custom shapes that can be used as either text or image frames. Learn how to convert text characters into shapes, so they can be used as frames to contain images. 

Data Merge and Forms.

A little bit like Mail Merge in MS Word…include ‘live’ data from external files and learn how to create fully interactive Forms with text fields and drop-down menus… that can be returned as completed PDFs. 

Adobe PhotoShop

Cropping, Resizing & Saving.

Learn how to crop an image to a target size and how best to resize images without losing quality. Understand the different File Formats like – JPEG, PNG, TIFF, EPS, PDF… and when they should be used. 

Enhancing Images.

Learn how to use Levels, Curves and Hue & Saturation, to quickly and efficiently enhance images without blindly ‘dabbling’ with images. 

TouchUp Tools.

See how Photoshop’s touch-up tools can effectively remove unwanted areas with ease. 

Removing Backgrounds.

Remove unwanted backgrounds using a variety of methods including the Magic Eraser, Background Eraser and the ’Select & Mask’ options. 

Creative Effects.

Use Replace Colour to quickly change the colour of an object in an image. Learn how to add colour to a B/W image then, learn the best practice for converting a colour image to B/W. 

Actions & Droplets.

Create automated tasks for batch processing of images. 

Adobe Illustrator

Drawing with Bezier & PathFinder.

Master the art of using the Pen Tools to create custom shapes with ease! Or, merge shapes together in different ways to quickly achieve the desired shape without painstakingly drawing them. 

Illustrator 3D.

Create stunning 3D graphics from Extrude to Revolve and apply mapped artwork to their surfaces. 

Image Trace & Live Paint.

You’ll never need to draw again once you learn how to Trace an Image and convert it to a Vector Graphic for reshaping and styling with colours, gradients and patterns. 

Adobe Lightroom Classic

Getting Started with Lightroom Classic.

Getting your head around Catalogues, Folders, Collections, Importing and Filtering images with Keywords and ratings. 

Enhancing Images with Lightroom Classic.

Learn how to adjust images with Lightroom’s Tools and Panels and easily apply those changes to multiple images.

Adobe InDesign | PhotoShop | Lightroom | Illustrator

1-2-1 or Private Group Courses from Intro to Advanced.
1hr Bitesized
Half Day • 1 & 2 Day Sessions.
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