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Please include your preferred dates and wether you’re interested in ON-Line, ON-Site or here at our training facility at DN40 3QY. For ON-Site training at your premises, please include your full postal address for an all inclusive quotation.

We can then work together to arrange your training at a date and location that best suits you.

I also have a range of 1-hour, ON-Line ‘bitesized’ courses for individuals…

You can’t go wrong… when it’s SPOTON!

InDesign Courses

InDesign Essentials | 1 Day

Get up and running with InDesign, and start creating leaflets, flyers and other marketing publications in no time. No previous knowledge required.

InDesign Intro/Intermediate | 2 Day

A more in-depth course for creating professional looking publications for print or web, with ease and efficiency. No previous knowledge required.

InDesign Advanced | 1 Day

A one day course for those seeking to expand their current knowledge of InDesign, and work more efficiently with invaluable time saving methods.

InDesign Interactive PDFs | 1 Day

Convert your InDesign publications into interactive PDFs that include Tables of Contents, Hyperlinks, Buttons, Forms, and live data.

InDesign Print Ready & PDF | Half Day

Learn how to prepare your publications for commercial print or digital distribution with a checklist of essential tasks prior to handover.

InDesign Masters & Templates | Half Day

Learn the time saving benefits of using Master Pages in large multipage documents, then save them as Templates for future use.

InDesign Interactive PDFs | Half Day

Add interactive content to your publications with Hyperlinks, Buttons, Rollovers, Forms and an interactive Table of Contents for your PDFs.

PhotoShop Courses

PhotoShop Elements | 1 Day

Learn how to crop and resize images before enhancing and retouching, then bring images together using Layers. No previous knowledge required.

PhotoShop Essentials | 1 Day

Get up and running with PhotoShop, and start enhancing, retouching and creating amazing effects in no time at all. No previous knowledge required.

PhotoShop Intro/Intermediate | 2 Day

An in-depth look at manipulating images, removing backgrounds and composing images with Layers. No previous knowledge required.

PhotoShop Advanced | 1 Day

Expand your PhotoShop skills with a deeper understanding of each of the key areas, and learn how to work more efficiently to save valuable time.

PhotoShop Enhancing & Editing | Half Day

Learn how to quickly improve contrast and colour balance before editing content and removing unwanted areas. No previous knowledge required.

PhotoShop Removing Backgrounds | Half Day

Learn the various techniques of elimination unwanted backgrounds and isolating the subject to be cut-out. Some PhotoShop experience advisable.

PhotoShop Understanding Layers | Half Day

Get creative with Layers and Layer Masks, to create stunning images, marketing artwork and web-banners. PhotoShop knowledge is advised.

Lightroom Courses

Lightroom Classic Essentials | 1 Day

Learn all about Catalogues, Collections and adding Keywords, before enhancing and editing for print or web… a must for all Photographers!

Illustrator Courses

Illustrator Essentials | 1 Day

Create stunning vector graphics with ease and efficiency, and learn how to save them for use in any document. No previous knowledge required.

Illustrator Intro/Intermediate | 2 Day

Learn the drawing tools, stylise, add text and 3D effects to your artwork, or trace images to vector graphics. No previous knowledge required.

Illustrator Drawing with Illustrator | Half Day

A look at the all the drawing tools and their options, Bezier drawing and Pathfinder for quick, stunning graphics. No previous knowledge required.

Illustrator Tracing & 3D | Half Day

Apply 3D to text or shapes then render artwork to their surfaces for stunning visuals. Convert images into shapes with the Trace feature.

Additional Courses

Creative Cloud Essentials | 2 Day

Provides an insight to how InDesign, PhotoShop, and Illustrator work as one, and the differences between them. No previous knowledge required.

Adobe InDesign | PhotoShop | Lightroom | Illustrator

You can’t go wrong… when it’s SPOTON!