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If you have recently attended one of my training sessions and feel you would like to leave a few comments on your experience, you may do so in the boxes below. Your comments are very much appreciated… thank you!


Brilliant! Just what I needed to understand this software. Everything was explained carefully and pausing to give things a go was really helpful. Paul was fantastic.

Paige: InDesign

Paul is an excellent trainer and it was so refreshing to be on a course where there was no ‘script’ and it was entirely led by the needs of the students. The knowledge I have gained will make my job so much easier!

Gemma: InDesign

The balance was just right. I have done many courses, most much longer than 2 days but learning from Paul I feel I got a huge amount out of this, more than most week long courses I have done.

Tom: InDesign

5 – Excellent! – I felt the course was very thorough and in detail, paul was really good at explaining things to me and the course was easy to organise and have access to getting help whilst on the course.

Phoebe: PhotoShop

5 – Excellent! – This was my second InDesign training course with Paul and once again the training was excellently delivered and covered everything I wanted to go through. Paul followed his training schedule but also asked me to adapt the training to myself so I could learn exactly what I needed. Would recommend Spoton!

Natalie: InDesign

5 – Excellent! – Paul was a thorough and informative teacher, he explained our InDesign training in an engaging and concise way. The program was very well-structured and despite having used InDesign for multiple years, I still gained new skills to improve my work flow and make my working methods more efficient.

Amy: InDesign

5 – Excellent! – We had a training session with Paul on Adobe InDesign. It was really useful and Paul clearly knew his stuff. We all learnt lots of new things, even though we had previously utilised the system before. The day was clear, concise and well structured. Couldn’t fault it and would absolutely love…

Evie: InDesign

5 – Excellent! – An incredible class. I came in knowing nothing and feel like an expert ready to take on the world. 

Reece: InDesign

5 – Excellent! – Thanks so much for the training today! You delivered all aspects so well. Very relevant information and useful content. I would highly recommend.

Max: InDesign

 5 – Excellent! – Excellent, informative, patient and very knowledgeable.

Glenis: Illustrator

5 – Excellent! – As we were still in lockdown our training was done via Teams, which I did wonder how they would work. Apart from a few distractions being in the office with people popping in and out it went really well. Paul’s very patient and happy to go over and over sometimes things…

Kim: Illustrator

5 – Excellent! – Brilliant online training! Paul is very knowledgeable and he worked with me to deliver relevant and useful content. I would highly recommend.

Yvette: InDesign

5 – Excellent! – Thoroughly enjoyed my full day’s virtual training via WebEx with Paul. Although I already had a decent grasp of the basics in Photoshop, Paul provided a hugely useful refresher and taught me a number of new tips and tricks as well. Would recommend online training with Paul to anyone and hope…

Katie: PhotoShop

5 – Excellent! – This training was great. Well paced, simple, basic level but with real practical application.This is the best training I have had this year. Huge thank you to Paul

Kes: PhotoShop

5 – Excellent! – I wasn’t sure how it would be to do a training course online instead of in-person, but this training was really effective – Paul has found a way to replicate an in-person feeling on Zoom! I’ve learned so many new skills & tricks that will be invaluable moving forward, and give…

Alice: PhotoShop

Thanks so much for today Paul.  I really enjoyed it and you delivered all aspects so well. Now I need to go and practice! Thanks again.

Annie: PhotoShop

Thanks so much! You’ve made photoshop a lot more approachable for us all! We are going to have a Christmas card making competition to practice our skills.

Emma: PhotoShop

Thank you for demystifying Photoshop!! It is really going to make a difference to what we can do for ourselves. I thought the online learning format worked really well and the pace of the course was spot on 👍

Gemma: PhotoShop

5 – Excellent! – Excellent course at just the right pace. I’ve got some great tools now that will be invaluable in my day to day job.

Sarah: PhotoShop

Having taken part in some recent virtual photoshop training I can highly recommend Paul. It was an incredibly helpful and informative session ensuring I have the knowledge and tools to use the software better. I found the fact the training was virtual made it better, no travel time and with the right technology the ability…

Stephanie: PhotoShop

5 – Life Changing! Paul was an excellent teacher over the course of the 2 days we were with him! Incredibly friendly, patient and explained things at the perfect pace, allowing for questions to be asked when needed. He’s now ensured we have a great understanding of Photoshop which will be a valuable skill I…

Katherine: PhotoShop

4 – Excellent. It was an excellent two-day course! I’ve learnt a lot about Photoshop and was taught very well by Paul. He was very patient, open to questions and willing to help. He gave us plenty of time for us to make notes and worked at a really good pace.

Emily: PhotoShop

“Fantastic course – will make a huge difference to my work! Thank you!”

Illustrator Student

“Paul is an excellent tutor – really patient and somehow manages to keep the pace just right so it suits everyone in the room even though we are all at different levels with different abilities. I am really grateful for all his support.”

Illustrator Student

“enjoyed this course and Paul was very good at making everything seem easy which has made us all feel really appreciated and involved.”

Illustrator Student

“Thank you, Paul was a great tutor!”

Illustrator Student

“This is the second course I have completed with Paul as my trainer and the standard has been consistently high in terms of communication, knowledge, and enjoyment. I will always return to his training sessions rather than seek an alternative. Highly recommended.”

Illustrator Student

“I was terrified of Illustrator before I came. Paul helped to break down the daunting interface straight away and within half an hour I felt comfortable and excited to explore the software, which I am very grateful for. I cannot recommend this course enough!”

Illustrator Student

“Fantastic course. Paul really knows his stuff and is a really effective teacher.”

PhotoShop Student

“Paul is very patient and knowledgeable.”

PhotoShop Student

“Course exceeded my expectations. Paul was a very knowledgeable instructor and explained everything in great detail at an easy to understand pace.”

PhotoShop Student

“Paul was fantastic – really informative without being patronising and he really knows how In Design can be applied in real business terms, not just in theory.”

InDesign Student

“I was extremely impressed by Paul’s teaching methods – he was very patient and knew the subject matter inside out. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this course and others to colleagues.”

InDesign Student

“Paul was a really enthusiastic tutor, the pace of the course was great and starting right at the beginning suited me perfectly!”

InDesign Student

“Paul was very knowledgeable, approachable and entertaining.”

InDesign Student

“Paul was an excellent trainer, expert knowledge, very practical application and a pleasure to spend a day with. I’d recommend this course to anyone who is nervous of learning something new!”

InDesign Student

“Paul was an excellent tutor! He made the course very easy to understand.”

InDesign Student

“The course was the right balance of being shown what to do and then having hands-on experience, a very engaging and creative course.”

InDesign Student

“The best course I’ve been on for years. The facilities, equipment, the course itself & our tutor (Paul) were all first class. I’m looking forward to my next course already and I’ll certainly be booking more off the back of this one!”

InDesign Student

“I’m so glad I attended, and extremely impressed with the course. Paul was exceptional compared to other trainers I have come across – I feel I am ready to get to work using InDesign straight away.”

InDesign Student

“Paul is very experienced and supportive even to old learners like me…”

InDesign Student

“Five out of five. Want to return for another course on Photoshop or Illustrator.”

InDesign Student

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would recommend it to anyone looking to gain an understanding of the mechanics of InDesign. When I started the course I had a very basic knowledge of InDesign (mainly self-taught), but now I know how to do things much more efficiently, and I know that I can do them…

InDesign Student

“For an introductory course I feel like a great deal of topics were covered and I feel that I now have a very strong understanding of how to use InDesign and am able to do all of the things I wanted to be able to and more – great course!”

InDesign Student

“Before starting this course I didn’t know anything about InDesign – I have finished it feeling confident and I’m looking forward to getting involved with it more when I’m at work.”

InDesign Student

“Paul who taught the course was extremely knowledgable and was able to answer any questions asked. He was adaptable and tailored the course to the requirements of the attendees job roles, varying from tender proposals to marketing campaigns and leaflets. I will be recommending this course to my colleagues.”

InDesign Student

“Paul’s style and teaching are perfect – the pace, the instructions and demonstrations helped the information to sink in before using them and having a go ourselves.”

InDesign Student

“Paul is fantastic. He takes his time to go through the course and explain everything. I enjoyed the course and actually found it really fun!”

InDesign Student

“I thought that the way the course presented was absolutely fantastic. Paul made everything so easy to understand and it was completely relevant to what I needed. Thank you!”

InDesign Student

“Paul was great; a very enthusiastic trainer who suitably addressed the level of our group perfectly: he included us all and genuinely took the time to explain things to us concisely so that we all understood the teaching elements. I can’t wait to start using this at work as of tomorrow morning! :)”

InDesign Student

“Really enjoy the course and Paul is an absolutely brilliant trainer! Wish to attend any other training with Paul! Thank you very much!”

InDesign Student

“Excellent course. Detailed and really well taught at an appropriate pace.”

InDesign Student

“The trainer was very engaging and the course content was very relevant, interesting and useful. Thank you very much!”

InDesign Student

“Excellent as always!”

InDesign Student

“Paul was knowledgeable, patient and helpful in all parts of his instruction. He structured the days very well into chunks that were easy to learn and then put into practice. He was a fantastic trainer and I would highly recommend him to others.”

InDesign Student

“A fantastic course, pitched at just the right level”

InDesign Student

“This was a very helpful course and an excellent trainer. The material is presented in a logical sequence, which makes getting started straightforward and provides an immediate skillset to set to work with. I feel that I have learned the basics properly.”

InDesign Student

“Thanks to Paul Southern for a great 2 day bespoke #trainingcourse on Adobe InDesign. The course was delivered on Zoom, so a great opportunity to train from home even during a global pandemic! Paul tailored the content based on my previous typesetting and desktop publishing experience. I was able to ask questions at any point and Paul…

Wendy Loosley

“Excellent online training session. I have never had one before and will be booking another. Anything Paul can’t answer he will go away and try to find a way of achieving what you are looking to do!… he is very patient and knows what your next query will be before you do! Thank you”

Barbara Smith

“Having had online training in the past, my expectations were pretty low. Paul proved that online training can be extremely effective and engaging. I learnt much more than expected and had fun in the process too. Paul shares tips and anticipates mistakes commonly made by beginners (indeed, I had made a few of them in…

Tiziana Dorigo

“Thanks to Paul for a great 2 day bespoke training course on Adobe InDesign. A great opportunity to train from home. I was able to ask questions at any point and Paul answered all of them. I found Paul’s teaching well paced and very informative. I’m looking forward to using #adobeindesign. Thank you.”

Hazel Webster

“Fantastic pace to the training. Great understanding of the various programs and always ensured we were learning at a comfortable pace. Thoroughly recommend!”

Laura Fairweather

“My two day 1-2-1 training sessions were excellent. I’ve been on a couple of Photoshop workshops before, but I’ve always found them confusing. Paul’s delivery was fun and very thorough, responding to my interests and my pace.He’s extremely knowledgeable and gave me lots of tips. At last I feel confident in my understanding and ability…

Sian Marshall

“Thank you Paul for an excellent course today on Adobe Lightroom. I was sceptical about whether a whole day of online training would be good – I have to say it was absolutely excellent. Your years of experience and calmness made for an engaging and rewarding course and I am now, so looking forward to…

Rosalind Barrell

“Having used Photoshop for 20 years as I was a little sceptical as to whether I’d learn anything. Wow, with no formal training I have now learn’t many new features and how to use particular features properly saving considerable time. My workflow has now increased and the final result is significantly improved. The way Paul…

Carl Thomas